Exclusive Transport

In this division we provide safe and trustworthy transportations of exclusive goods such as classic cars, artworks, caviar and high-value jewelry.

This premium service includes the possibility a closed vehicle transport. Whether you desire to transport a vintage car, prototype, motorcycle or racing car – with us your collectors piece is in best hands. We transport your vehicle closed, unseen, and secured to its destination. These types of car and motorcycle transportations require the highest degree of precision, experience and professionalism. When transporting premium vehicles we are on site personally, from the pick-up to the delivery. We always proceed in closest consultation with our customers, building all our actions on trust. In consideration of our many years of experience and know-how with loadings of this type, we can guarantee that your car will arrive at the desired destination without any scratches or damages. Since the existence of Flying Wheels we are engaged in the worldwide transportation of exclusive vehicles.

Whether you operate as an artist, art dealer, gallery owner or collector we are able to transport your artworks safe and secure to the predetermined destination. The same principles apply for high-value jewelry. We recognize regular consultations, discretion and outstanding engagement for every individual requirement as the basis for mutual trust.

We guarantee absolute freshness when transporting caviar. Therefore our caviar-specialists trust in our services and experience in this segment.